ML Efficiency

Machine Learning Efficiency Workshop, Friday, August 26 | Deep Learning Indaba 2022

We are excited to bring you the Machine Learning Efficiency Workshop once again at Deep Learning Indaba! Learn more about how to submit a demo or spotlight talk here.

Most of the world is using machine learning in resource-constrained environments. In contrast, modern machine learning models are becoming larger, with computationally intensive training procedures.. The rise of these larger models have also led to efforts to make machine learning more efficient and deployable at the edge. In this workshop, we put a focus on efficiency research and ML deployment at the edge.

Keynote Speakers


Daniel Situnayake
Edge Impulse
Kale-ab Tessera
Wiebke (Toussaint) Hutiri
Technical University of Delft.
Sara Hooker
Cohere for AI

Commitment to Diversity

We expect the workshop topic areas would attract a wide range of participants such as ML researchers, industry professionals, government stakeholders, policymakers, healthcare workers, social scientists, and educators. We believe the focus on machine learning solutions on edge provides novel avenues to discuss research questions on ML efficiency and beneficial local/global societal applications.